Thursday, 31 December 2015

Kung Fu Cult Master

Kung Fu Cult Master is a 1993 Hong Kong wuxia film adapted from Louis Cha's novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber. Directed by Wong Jing, it featured fight choreography by Sammo Hung, and starred Jet Li, Sharla Cheung, Chingmy Yau and Gigi Lai in the lead roles.

Herbal Teas That Help Strengthen The Immune System

For centuries now, drinking tea has been enjoyed by many all over the planet. Aside from allowing you to get rejuvenated, many teas are known to provide all sorts of health benefits. Certain herbal teas are said to be very good at supporting your immune system. With a strong immune system, your chances of getting sick or ill can be considerably reduced.

Read on to get acquainted with herbal teas known to help give you a stronger immune system. Consuming them is a great way for you to have your defenses against invading microorganisms bolstered.

Chrysanthemum Tea Purifies the Blood

Blood filled with toxins can leave a dent on your immune system. It’s for this reason why helping the kidneys to flush out poisonous substances in the bloodstream can help make your body stronger. Traditionally, chrysanthemum tea is consumed for blood purification purposes. Other than this, drinking the beverage also helps your body fight off microbes. It’s also the one to drink if you are suffering from anxiety or insomnia as it has mind-calming properties.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Hair

Designer clothing, perfectly applied makeup, and fine jewelry are all wasted if your hair looks greasy, dull, or messy. Fortunately, no one needs a hair salon or expensive hair products to have hair that looks professionally cared for and styled. With the right techniques for shampooing, drying, and styling your hair, it can be among your most attractive features.

We’ll provide some useful hair-care tips in this article, starting with the basics.

1. Keep it Healthy

  • Don’t tie your hair back too tightly and never when it is wet. This stretches the hair shaft, causing it to break and split.
  • Do eat foods rich in skin and hair enhancing essential fatty acids. By taking care of your diet, the state of your inner health will reflect in the condition of your hair. Be kind to yourself.
  • Don’t over-style. Experts recommend using a blow dryer only for special occasions. At the end of your styling session, switch to cold air. This closes the hair shaft, leaving the hair smooth, glossy and shiny.
  • Don’t forget to keep regular scheduled appointments with your stylist. Making an appointment for a trim every 4 to 6 weeks will leave your hair in tiptop condition

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Reduce High Blood Pressure (And Solve Many Other Problems) with This Ayurvedic Remedy

Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of traditional healing on the planet, and it originates from India. It is actually an age-old Hindu art of medicine and prolonging of life with the help of proper diet, herbal remedies and yogic breathing. Ayurvedic treatments are some of the most trusted and highly effective means of attaining healing and wellbeing naturally these days.

There is a particular Ayurvedic remedy for high blood pressure that is revered for its ability to manage the problem. It has been employed by many for a long time already that it’s even found in India’s historical records of traditional medicine. What’s so nice about this remedy is you can easily obtain the ingredients at your favorite supermarket. Without having to comb the entire city just to come across health food stores offering products related to Ayurveda and other traditional forms of medicine, it is trouble-free to take advantage of this powerful and effective remedy for high blood pressure.

Monday, 21 December 2015

10 Steps to Convert CDA to MP3 using the Free Windows Media Player 12

If you wish to convert CDA to MP3 then look no further. Windows Media Player 12 can do the job.

Of course you can use other tools (which are more powerful in my opinion), but you can start using Windows Media Player 12 immediately without the hassel of downloading and installing other software.

Follow the steps below:

1. Start Windows Media Player 12

2. Go to the menu at the top, select "Tools", and then "Options..."
convert CDA to MP3 1

Thursday, 17 December 2015

11 Tips to Tweet Properly

Ziana Zain

11 Tips to Tweet Properly

Twitter is not only for the young, tech-savvy kids; parents, businesses, and even politicians have hopped on the wagon to Twitter Town. Similar to cell phones, emails, and social marketing tools – you can only outrun Twitter for so long.

As a beginner, you’ll find that Twitter uses cutesy names to describe its tools and functions, which can be frustrating at the best of times – like a secret code that you need a special decryption machine for others.

So, here’s our helping hand with 10 tips to get your head round some of the necessary terminology that Twitter uses and how to tweet in the right way!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

BR1M : For The Better Or Worse?

1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) programme was first devised by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in 2012 as part of the Government’s effort to ease the burden of the lower income group in Malaysia. This programme was devised to help the lower income group cushion the high cost of living in Malaysia. BR1M is also part of the Government’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) to turn Malaysia into a high income nation.

It was not surprising, though disappointing to hear that BR1M will be continued in Budget 2016, even with 95% of respondents we polled who received BR1M said that the amount is not enough to cover the rising cost of living. So, why does the Government continue to give handouts to the low income group?

Let’s start with why it is actually a good idea.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation

In a recent strategy meeting we attended with the leaders of a Fortune-500 company, the word “culture” came up 27 times in 90 minutes. Business leaders believe a strong organizational culture is critical to success, yet culture tends to feel like some magic force that few know how to control. So most executives manage it according to their intuition.
We’ve found that answering three questions can help transform culture from a mystery to a science: 1) How does culture drive performance? 2) What is culture worth? 3) What processes in an organization affect culture? In this article, we address each of these to show how leaders can engineer high-performing organizational cultures — and measure their impact on the bottom line.

How does culture drive performance?

After surveying over 20,000 workers around the world, analyzing 50 major companies, conducting scores of experiments, and scouring the landscape of academic research in a range of disciplines, we came to one conclusion: Why we work determines how well we work.