Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Things Kids Of Today Won’t Understand

Today’s Kid Won’t Understand

Being a kid born prior to the millennium, I’ve had my fair share of VCR tapes, floppy disks and Beverly Hills 90210. Kids today are connected on their smartphones and tablets that they simply don’t understand the struggles of having to call on someone and see if they could come out and play after dinner.

While we were watching Saturday morning cartoons and gobbling down fruit loops, kids are now watching Keeping Up With The Kardasians while shopping online. While every generation has their perks, here are some things that children of today will never understand.

Dial-Up Internet

Waiting for someone to put down the phone so that you could finally dial-up to the Internet was such a home drama. Yelling and arguments broke out so often that mum and dad had to step in. The result: nobody could use the phone at all. The nerve…

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Kobis Masak Putih Yang Mudah Dan Ringkas


1/2 biji kobis ~ di potong ikut kesesuaian
5 ekor udang basah ~ buang kepala dan belah belakang, cuci bersih
3 ulas bawang merah ~ di hiris
2 ulas bawang putih ~ di hiris
2 batang serai ~ di ketuk
1 tangkai cili merah di hiris
1/2 biji santan kelapa atau boleh guna 1/2 kotak santan KARA
sedikit air
garam secukup rasa

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How Much Does Your Poop Cost?

Surprise, surprise! Your poop doesn’t just magically disappear when you flush it down the toilet. So where do they go?
To the vague destination of the sewers, of course! And then what? To the rivers? To the ocean?
We break down the cycle of your poop, from what happens after you check out of your ivory throne, to the multi-staged and VERY expensive process of treating your waste after.
Just how expensive, you ask? Hint: It is equivalent to the price of 424 mega-luxury Kenny Hills bungalow units or 15,609 Birkin bags!
More importantly, who does the dirty job so that Malaysians can continue to enjoy a safe and clean environment?
Check out our infographic to find out!