Monday, 29 December 2014


Jangan terlalu ‘stim’ pada malam pertama tanpa fikir kesakitan si dia

Malam pertama untuk suami pecah dara isteri sememanglah waktu yang mendebarkan buat suami dan isteri. Pecah dara isteri adalah pengalaman seks yang akan dikenang sepanjang hayat maka lakukannya dengan penuh kasih sayang.

Pecah dara isteri tidak dapat dilakukan pada malam pertama. Ia pasti menyakitkan buat isteri apabila suami kurang sabar. Suami perlu bersabar. Jadikan hubungan seks suami isteri suatu yang indah kepada isteri dan juga suami untuk jangka masa panjang. Kesakitan boleh memberikan kesan kepada isteri dalam hubungan seks. Suami sudah menunggu lama sebelum bernikah, mengapa tidak boleh bersabar lagi dua tiga hari.

Malam pertama adalah malam belaian. Malam dimana suami isteri mengenali tubuh badan masing-masing. Malam untuk membuang rasa malu isteri terutamanya. Membuang rasa malu dalam hubungan seks adalah dengan menimbulkan rasa berahi kepada isteri. Foreplay boleh dilakukan dengan pelbagai cara. Sama ada dengan urutan asmara dan membelai buah dada (tetek) isteri.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Malaysian Start-Ups, Blooming The Money Tree

Blooming The Money Tree

Starting up a business is never easy, even online start-ups are not spared the challenges and risks. About three out of four start-ups fail and 90% of those are related to online or tech industry. It takes exceptional leadership and probably quite a bit of luck and timing to become highly successful in developing a business from the ground up, growing it to compete with established brands. Here are some examples of Malaysia’s fastest growing online start-ups:-

Friday, 12 December 2014

Free Stuff Malaysians Like

Malaysians are prudent spenders and since the local economy is not exactly a bed of roses at the moment, the purse string has just been drawn tighter therefore more and more Malaysians are turning to freebies to ease and comfort their pockets. For some, getting any sort of freebies is a normal everyday habit while some are selective on their choices. Others stick to their age-old adage of “grab first, don’t lose out”.

Just take a stroll out to supermarkets or hypermarkets during weekends and you’ll be bombarded with many brand promoters passing out free samples of beverages, biscuits, cereals, merchandise, etc.

Many shoppers and I mean MANY seize the opportunity to grab those freebies. Crowds would especially descent around food and beverage samples. Some can be seen ushering the entire family to get his or her share and come back for seconds or thirds.

However, merchants are happy to provide freebies as it is within their marketing strategy to create brand awareness, niche-market analysis and product response. Since Malaysians are a digital lot, a boom of growing followers haunts the online platform for free goodies, attesting to many sites flourishing to cater to these diligent hunters. Some sites even provide free delivery or shipping right to your doorstep!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Malaysia’s Mobile Internet Landscape

A survey commissioned by Google and conducted by IPSOS MediaCT that provides mobile internet landscape insights into the habits of Malaysian smartphone users. The study showed that 41% of Malaysian smartphone users would rather use their mobile phones than their TVs. Five hundred Malaysians aged between 15 and 64 years participated in the survey and it was found that 88% of the respondents use their smartphones to access the internet every day.

Malaysians have opted for mobile internet rather than TVs