Monday, 5 October 2015

Can the Internet Make Your Long Distance Relationship Easier?

We’re pretty sure you guys have heard of the famous Korean drama, “My Lovely Kim Sam Soon” – pretty much touted as Korean version of “Bridget Jones Diary”.

If you haven’t, here’s a summary of it – it’s a romantic comedy between a woman on the chubby side (Sam Soon) and the son of a wealthy hotelier (Jin Heon). Jin Heon has his own restaurant and decides to hire Sam Soon as the Pastry Chef. While pursuing her dream to be a world-known baker, Sam Soon struggles to juggle her growing feelings for her boss, Jin Heon (and Jin Heon is trying to get over his ex for leaving him blue).

Eventually, these two love birds get together, but things don’t just end there – near the end of the drama, Jin Heon leaves overseas to the U.S. (with his ex) while leaving his sweetheart, Sam Soon behind in Korea. Of course, he promises to return in a week’s time. Alas, there are neither calls nor letters from Jin Heon. Poor Sam Soon is all heartbroken.

Adoih! Sian, kan!?

Two months later, Jin Heon appears in front of Sam Soon’s bakery shop and clears the air for going AWOL for two months – two-months worth of postcards were sent to wrong addresses.

What?! You’ve got to be kidding me right? Why didn’t they just use the internet?!

To be honest, we don’t know what world they live in, but we would have just sent them a buzz anytime during the day, to check in with the other half. Of course, we’d have other options as well, such as whatssap, Skype, viber and all. Hardly anyone sends post cards or writes long love letters anymore because it takes too much time and it may not even get to the right person.

But online is only possible if your internet is like, reliable. Imagine having to use the slowest connection possible – and for every 5 minutes or less, all you can hear the other party saying is “CAN YOU HEAR ME?”, or you guys are in a romantic mood and you are trying to give your awekor balak a web kiss, and the stupid screen froze. Now, not only have you failed to send them your sloppy kisses, but you also end up looking horrified and distorted! A double combo disaster, we’d say.

Wouldn’t that increase the passion in your relationship? Ermm… no. Let’s be frank with you, we’ve all known people who have been through that miserable process and there can be only one outcome – a relationship full of frustration and anger. Sooner or later, either one of you is going to get fed up, and then – goodbye lover.

So if you’re looking to avoid heartache, here are three wireless broadband tips to look out for:
  • 4G capability – that will make sure you’ve got the bandwidth you need to communicate to your heart’s content
  • On-the-go capability – what happens if you’re out and about and desperately need to get in touch with your awek without an expensive overseas call? On-the-go is the answer
  • Multiple device capability – it’s all well having the internet on your phone, but what if you need it on your tablet? Or your laptop? Chat to your other half comfortably
What are your wireless tips to avoid heartache?

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