Monday, 19 December 2016

The Top 7 Malaysian Brands Taking Over the Region

Whether you realise it or not, Malaysian brands are going from strength to strength. As you know, we are passionate about supporting local companies so we’re pretty excited by the development!

From fashion accessories to fast food outlets, cheesecake to beauty products, the next time you’re travelling in the region, keep an eye out for some of these familiar made-at-home brands…

1. PappaRich

The first PappaRich outlet was opened in 2005 at Selayang Mall in Selangor. Founded by Negeri Sembilan-ian, Rich Tan, a visionary himself, he refashioned the traditional kedai kopi concept into a modern dining experience. Within a couple of years, PappaRich has grown to 50 outlets in Malaysia and has even opened up in Australia too, with nine Australian branches already open and a few more on the way!

2. Focus Point

Ever since it first opened as a small-town optical store in Muar, Johor, in 1989, Focus Point has matured into a pre-eminent eyewear retailer in Malaysia. At the moment, there are 175 outlets throughout Malaysia. With its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, more franchises are scheduled to open across Malaysia in the near future.

3. OLDTOWN™ White Coffee

The famous 3-in-1 instant OLDTOWN™ White Coffee brand was founded by two Malaysians – Goh Ching Mun and Tan Say Yap back in 1999. In 2005, the OLDTOWN™ White Coffee cafes opened and they now run an amazing 237 cafes: 10 in Singapore, 16 in Indonesia, 4 in China and the rest in Malaysia. That’s pretty impressive!

4. Clara International

Founded by Datin Dr Clara L. Chee in 1977, a renowned skincare formulation scientist and aesthetician, Clara International is known for beauty products designed for Asian, as opposed to Caucasian, skin. The company is famous for its own research and development facilities, manufacturing plants, beauty centres, beauty colleges and beauty equipment. This is another Malaysian brand that’s gone far, with centres throughout the country as well as China, the UAE, India, Indonesia and even Myanmar.

5. Bonita

Since 1990, Bonita (meaning ‘beautiful lady’ in Spanish) has offered its customers a wide array of fashion accessories including necklaces, rings, hair bands, bangles and bags at a reasonable price. The brand belongs to the Aivoria Group, and started as a husband and wife team in Johor Bahru. Now the company has over 500 employees nationwide and last year the brand also launched its first boutique overseas at the Grand Metropolitan Mall Bekasi, Indonesia.

6. Marrybrown

The first Marrybrown fast-food outlet was opened in Johor Bahru in 1981 and quickly took off, bringing the Malaysian brand to China’s shores by 1992 already. By 2000, they had opened up in the Middle East, 2008 in Africa and they had opened their 500th restaurant in India last year – phew, they must be busy!

7. Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe opened in 1997, but has been one of the fastest growing lifestyle cakes and cafe chains in Malaysia and the South East Asian region! It’s known for its award-winning cheese cakes along with its huge range of desserts. It’s more proof that Malaysian brands are taking over the region, with the chain now found in Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Pakistan.

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