Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Will Muhyiddin be sacked from Umno on Sept 9?

“Operasi Kedua” likely to see a purge in Umno involving Kedah and Perak as well but sparing Sabah and Johor for now, says political analyst Shahbudin Husin.

The jury was no longer out on whether Umno Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin will be sacked from the party come September 9 when the Supreme Council meets. The betting now was that not only will he be sacked as a party member, thereby losing his deputy presidency, both Kedah and Perak will get new Umno Liaison Chiefs, according to a political analyst in his latest blog posting. “Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is expected to be the new party chief in Perak, and Mahadzir Khalid, the Education Minister, made Kedah Chief.”

“The move to gather support within the Umno Supreme Council against Muhyiddin has already begun and it’s expected that the motion to sack him would be mooted by a senior member. The idea is to get two-thirds majority support to expel Muhyiddin.”

Umno Vice President Shafie Apdal, sacked from the Cabinet on July 28 in a reshuffle, and Umno Johor Chief and Menteri Besar Khaled are expected to be spared the kind of disciplinary action to be taken against Muhyiddin: i.e. bringing the party into public disrepute and contempt and smearing the name of party president and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“Shafie was expected to be wooed slowly back into the folds of the party and supporting Najib again,” said the analyst.

It’s said that any action against Shafie and Khaled would simply create numerous problems for Umno in Sabah and Johor and has to be avoided for the moment, said Shahbudin Husin. “Already, by moving against Mukhriz Mahathir in Kedah and Zambry Abdul Kadir in Perak, while still keeping them as Menteri Besar in their respective states for the moment, the party was already going out on a limb.”

The evidence stacked against Muhyiddin, said Shahbudin, includes statements he made during several divisional annual general meetings in the past two to three weeks. Muhyiddin, it’s alleged, harped among others on the RM42 billion 1MDB Scandal and the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s personal accounts.

“These are charges which could be leveled at Shafie, Khaled, Mukhriz and Zambry as well if push comes to shove.”

Shahbudin disclosed that a high-ranking party official at the Umno Headquarters, apparently close to the party president, confided in a source recently that “Operasi Kedua” (2nd Operation) would be launched soon. The operation, to purge Umno of all dissident elements, was expected to rid the party of all problems facing Najib, according to the source, said Shahbudin.

“It’s said that after Operasi Kedua, Najib was not expected to face any problems in Umno and can focus on GE14, expected by 2018.”

It’s felt that as long as Muhyiddin is in Umno, he added, the Deputy President will continue to be a threat to Najib. “Muhyiddin, according to Najib’s thinking, will not only pose problems for the party come 2018 but will continue to threaten his position in the party as the number one.”

“With Muhyiddin out of the party, he will be considered a freelancer or an Opposition voice, no longer a party man making a stand on various issues facing Umno and the government.”

Operasi Kedua apparently follows the first move on July 28 when Muhyiddin was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister on the same day that Shafie lost his Rural Development Minister’s post.

The Umno Supreme Council was earlier scheduled to meet on July 31, three days after Muhyiddin was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister, but it was put off. Also put off was Najib’s series of meetings with Umno divisional chiefs throughout the nation regarding the RM42 billion 1MDB Scandal and other issues. The July 31 meeting was first postponed to August 28, and now the latest date is September 9.


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