Monday, 10 August 2015

Why You Should Use Face Masks

For many men, the idea of a face mask has been a step too far across the bridge of emasculation. They conjure fluffy dressing gown and eating post-break ice-cream from the tub while watching movies where a pompous Hugh Grant – like there’s any other kind – realises that golly, gosh, he does really love the girl after all. 

Problem is, dismissing face masks is like turning your back – or should that be head? – on a proven skin improver. What if we told you, you could pretend to be a superhero for 15 minutes twice a week?  While you’re expanding your horizons, you want to step quickly past the bathbomb extravaganza that is Lush and head straight for its masks department or better still just go to lush website. They will last three to five applications but once you’ve opened them – for the love of God – store them in the fridge or your house will smell like a deceased hippy’s sleeping bag.

If you suffer from break-outs or happen to be dealing with one go for the aptly named Catastrophic Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask. Calamine cleanses, chamomile soothes, clay draws out impurities and a dose of blueberries reduces inflammation. If your skin is just duller than an Allan Border autobiography, reach for the BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask. Kaolin gently rids the skin of dirt, a touch of honey adds an antiseptic quality, aloe vera calms things and a healthy dose of agar seaweed delivers hydration. Both of these masks are also certified vegan in case you run out of dip.


If you’re anything like us at Absolute Misdemeanor, you cast a wary eye at acronyms. In fact, your life would probably be immeasurably improved if you never had to encounter another YOLO, FOMO or LOL again. One acronym, you should be aware of however is BPA. As much as we wish it was just another variant on BFF and stood for Best Pals Always, it actually indicates the chemical bisphenol.

It is commonly found in those water bottles you reach for instead of soft drink and the takeaway food containers you’ve recycled to store office lunches in. But here’s the thing, a new study presented at the joint meeting of the International Society of Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society has found that bpa throws a hefty spanner into body’s hormonal functions by mimicking oestrogen. As a result it “reprograms” the prostate gland making it vulnerable to precancerous lesions and other diseases in the future.

Sidestep the issue by investing in a pba free water bottle such as the Waterbobble. Karim Rashid design won’t look out of place on your desk. For food storage, check out the WeanGreen range by Glasslock from Biome. They are made from toughened glass so can take plenty of knocks in the dishwasher or briefcase.

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