Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Where Can You Stream Television?

Larger crowds of people are watching TV shows and movies on their laptops, tablets, or even on their phones, instead of actually on a television. Why?

Well, for one, why be constrained to your living room to watch TV when you can now stream channels to all of your devices in any room in your house?

The other big reason is that with an increased bandwidth in Malaysia, we can! And the speed is only set to increase, making it even easier – 4G, an abbreviation for ‘Fourth Generation’, was developed to succeed 3G.

To make your lives much easier, I have compiled a list of online websites where you can stream your favourite movies and TV channels legally, and for free – you can always thank me later!

1) Tonton.my – live.tonton.com.my

A live stream TV channel by Media Prima which focuses on local Malaysian TV channels; tv3, ntv7, 8tv and tv9. You need to register to watch, but registration is free of charge.

2) Astro Awani – http://www.astroawani.com/videos/live

A live stream TV channel by Astro which focuses on current news, sports and politics. The live stream is free to watch.

3) Universal Media – http://www.um.com.my/streaming/v1/

Universal Media is a compilation of free streaming channels ranging from TV to radio channels. This blog lists local, Indonesian and Thailand channels. It’s a free website, but try not to click on advertisements and download anything from the website!

4) 1 Malaysia TV – http://www.1malaysiaiptv.com.my/

1 Malaysia TV provides Malaysia free to air channels which includes Rtm1, rtm2, tv3, Al-Hijrah and China Central TV news (CCTV1).

5) http://www.cucirca.eu/ & http://www.couchtuner.ch/

These two websites offer free streaming for tons of TV shows, giving you lots of channels to watch. No sign up required but again, try not to click on any pop-up ads or install anything.

6) Al Jazeera – http://www.aljazeera.com/watch_now/

The free live stream for Al Jazeera news channel. One for the news-buffs out there!

7) CCTV – http://english.cntv.cn/live/p2p/index.shtml

A China based news channel that offers free streaming. Perfect for a Chinese focus on the world’s news.

8) Fox News – http://video.foxnews.com/#sp=watch-live

Fox news offers free live streaming on their news channels. Great for those who hunger for American-style news!

9) Roku Player – http://www.roku.com/

Roku is a product which requires a “roku player” and a monthly subscription fee. The player costs RM400 and the monthly subscription fee is RM16 per month. Roku streams channels like HBO, PBS, History Channel, Fox Now and many other international TV channels, so is definitely for the die-hard TV fans!

10) Astro on the Go – http://my.astroonthego.com/en/non-subscriber/home

Astro on the go is for mobile viewers. Targeting existing users and also new users, Astro on the go lets you view your favourite Astro channels on your mobile phone or tablets. It is a paid service and it cost RM10 per month for Astro subscribers and RM30 per month for non Astro subscribers.

11) HyppTV on-the-go – https://www.tm.com.my/hypptv

HyppTV is Telekom Malaysia’s paid-for TV. They stream plenty of live videos over the Internet and allow you to enjoy world-class entertainment, award winning shows and many other channels in full HD from as low as RM1/day.

So there you have it – what are you waiting for? Get watching TV!

Tip: If you plan to stream often, I recommend you get an unlimited data plan. Streaming requires constant data and if you are on a limited data plan, you might get cut off in the middle of your show, and you don’t want that to happen when you’re in the middle of a movie!

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