Monday, 17 November 2014

Top Ten Gadgets 2014

Top Ten Gadgets of Year 2014

We are bombarded with new innovations everyday but only a handful of them are actually worth the money and factors that dominate our buying decisions zeros down to three main qualities – affordable, efficient and useful.

Sifting and narrowing it down to ten new gadgets that surpass the line of cool and boost productivity in various aspects of your life, here’s the rundown:-

LG have introduced a new Homechat function that allows you to talk to your Fridge, via text, to find out what you have in there. There’s even an in-built camera that can take pictures of the shelves and automatically order new provisions for you when you run out. You can also text your washing machine to start a load whilst you’re out and about, or tell your robotic vacuum cleaner to start tidying up. Truly the next generation of home appliances.

The Adobe Ink and Slide is really something special, it is part of Adobe’s slow, but calculated move into the smartphone and tablet space. With the Ink and Slide, you have no reason to not make some beautiful art, especially considering that you have Adobe’s great iOS apps and also countless other third party apps at your disposal. It’s a bit pricey for the average user, but artists on the go won’t find a better solution for doing some drawing on the iPad.

The Doxie One is a scanner designed to scan all your paper, photos and receipts without the need for a computer. Its compact form allows the scanner to be stowed away in a drawer for a quick setup. Just plug it into a wall socket. The automatic feeder starts to pull the sheet through in seconds, automatically. Captured images are saved on an included SD memory card, much like in a digital camera. This can then be loaded onto a Mac or PC through a standard flash memory card reader, or to an iPad tablet with Apple’s iPad SD Card Reader.

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 is a full-sized keyboard that never needs to be recharged or have its batteries replaced. The light-powered keyboard incorporates a solar panel that charges itself with lamplight or sunlight. Bluetooth technology allows it to work wirelessly from up to 30 feet away. In addition, built-in “Easy-Switch” technology allows the keyboard to be paired with up to three devices, allowing users to switch between Bluetooth devices within seconds by hitting the shortcut key.

Buying a coffee every morning can cost you a fortune. With the Aeropress, it will assist you in saving money. You simply place a spoonful of coffee in the tube, add hot water, then press down on the plunger. It’s just for one cup, so don’t worry about wasting a whole pot or using the wasteful espresso cups. It’s also really easy to clean, which means you can’t lose.

Netatmo’s June bracelet monitors its wearer’s exposure to the sun, communicating with your smartphone to provide real-time advice on sun protection as it suggests the most appropriate SPF cream for your skin, taking account of the current UV levels. It reminds you when to put your hat and sunglasses on while advising when to move into the shade. Very handy indeed.

The Nokia Lumia 930 is the latest and probably the greatest Windows 8 smartphone which comes available in bright orange and green if you’re not interested in the usual black and white. It comes with a 20-megapixel camera, Windows Phone 8.1, wireless charging, 4G support and a powerful processor that makes it a potent smartphone experience.

The Bayan Audio SoundBook is a great portable Bluetooth speaker that has an impressive sound with plenty of bass but the good thing is, it can be easily stowed away as its stand can be folded around to protect the device when not in use.

Chromecast is a dongle that plugs into your telly’s HDMI port, so you can view YouTube, Netflix and more using compatible phone apps or the Chrome browser on any device as a remote control such as a smartphone, computer or a tablet.

10. DoorBot

DoorBot brings your doorbell into the smartphone age. The DoorBot is a doorbell with a WiFi-connected video camera that shows you a live video of who is at your front door. When someone presses the button, the video camera activates and sends live video to your smartphone. The DoorBot works with Lockitron, which lets you open your door remotely to let family or trusted friends inside.

There you go, we hope that these 10 techy gadgets can introduce great time-saving advantages into your day as well as make life easier whether you are on the go, in your office or at home.

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