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Moments That Every 90’s Kid Will Remember

Moments Every 90’s Kids Remembers

Ah! We can never stop raving about the 90’s! It was a great decade to grow up in and being one of those kids totally enjoying what the decade threw onto us, here are some moments that every 90’s kid will remember:-

JanSport Backpack

The only backpack to own that made you a “family” at the lunch table. You’re obligated to customize it with a Sharpie and only worn with one strap, never two or else you’re a reject!

Baggy Jeans

They were everywhere. Popularized by “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, the baggier the better was the motto for every teenage boys and it didn’t matter that the trend started in prison to let other inmates know that someone was available. Go figure!

Pamela Anderson

Everyone had a thing for Pamela, the girls were envious of her and the boys thought she was the perfect woman. She was probably the only reason everyone watched “Baywatch”.


Before the time of the cell phones, you were considered super cool if you had a pager and it was the best mode of communication during then. Having one clipped to the pants was the goal of many 90’s kids.

Ice-Cream Vendor

You actually had an ice-cream vendor hitting your neighbourhood every evening. Remember having a scoop of ice-cream on the cone without any brands labelled on it? Remember the sticks of Ais Potong? Okay, I need to find one now…

Floppy Disks

Only kids from the early 90’s can say they had to use more than four discs to install a game on the computer. Floppy disks were fragile, low capacity and storing it took up way too much space. And woe befalls you should you break one containing part of a game installation!

Classroom Notes

Prior to the age of text messaging, if we wanted to get a point across to someone on the other side of the classroom, the folded paper note was the way to do it. Everyone was cooperative to pass it around until it reaches its intended recipient. Unless the teacher intercepts it. Your message would then get a free announcement plus a trip to the principal’s office!

Power Rangers

Every Saturday morning we would be awake bright and early to catch the Power Rangers and we would secretly pretend to be one of the Rangers or waiting to get the call to become one and when the movie came out, we lost our mind…

Whistle Pops

Giving a child something that makes noise is usually something you regret later and whistle pops are no exception to this rule as my parents came to find out. It was a conundrum for us kids – to keep whistling or devouring the candy!

Where’s Waldo?

Oh, Waldo, how you continue to thwart our valiant search efforts on your obscenely crowded vacations where you still manage to boggle our minds with your mysterious whereabouts. Wally’s distinctive red and white striped shirt, bobble hat and glasses is not easily recognizable in the many illustrations containing “red herrings” deceptively using red and white striped objects.

Missing The Moments

Being the cool 90’s kids, we really missed all these moments and we wished we could relive it all just to be kids again without today’s encumbrance riddled with technological advancements. Hail the 90’s!

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